UMR Territoires

Logo UMR TerritoiresThe research unit « Territoires », resulting from the melting of former research units “CERAMAC” and “METAFORT”, gathers around 100 members from 5 institutions (Agro Paris Tech, Clermont Auvergne University, INRA, IRSTEA, and VetAgro Sup).

It is an interdisciplinary research group combining social and biotechnical sciences. Its main shared premise is to consider that local territories harbour, a multiplicity of regional and local social configurations combined with individual and collective trajectories that drive toward a coexistence of models (both archetypes and projects) and strategies. This coexistence can be in certain conditions a strength for local territories to better adapt or resist to the consequences of the global changes that occur now.

The unit develop empirical studies as well as action – research: data analysis (qualitative and quantitative, GIS spatial analysis…); analysis of public policies and collective actions; modeling (conceptual and computer based); serious games and local participation.

The unit is involved in high education (master level and engineer curriculum) in cooperation with the IADT (Auvergne Institute for Territory Development). It belongs to 3 doctoral schools: Human and social sciences, Law and economy, Agriculture – Food – Biology – Environment – Health.

Director : Dominique Vollet (IRSTEA)

Deputy directors

  • Hélène Mainet (UCA)
  • Nathalie Hostiou (INRA)
  • Christophe Poix (VetAgroSup)
  • Laurent Trognon (AgroParisTech)
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