Conference themes

Conference themes


The PESCRL 2018 aims to progress discussion and learning within the community involved in landscapes and territorial development. The general theme of the 2018 conference encompasses the interactions between quality of landscapes, and quality of life, with a broad sense of this notion, including healthy environment, diversified and freely accessible, friendly social relationships, and good connections with cultural and heritage dimensions. The landscape occupies a key place because it is the visible result of human practices and activities inside a local area but it is also the vector of cultural and social values that contribute to create or reinforce a local identity. For all these reasons, PESCRL 2018 is especially interested in exploring the following questions:

  • What are the connections between quality of Life and quality of landscape? In which conditions they can reinforce each other for a better sustainability?
  • What are the interests/limits of re-enrooting food to place as an alternative to the globalization? What are the conditions of the success? What are the main levels that can be used and what are the main locks to be removed.
  • What are the economic consequences for firms and local development to re-enrooting food to place, thanks to links to landscape? 
  • How Health, quality of life and landscapes are connected? What are the main driving forces? In which situations is it possible to better local situations?
  • How Energy Landscapes can contribute (or not) to better the quality of life?
  • Are Landscape quality, food identity and quality of life always positively correlated? For what consequences? If not, what are the reasons of negative interactions and is it possible to change?

More widely, contributions from all domains of relations between landscapes and territorial development with a geographical, economic, social or historical background are welcome, including for instance localities and identities, ownership and control, landscapes for recreation and lifestyle, landscapes of food, tourism and gastronomy…

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