Open sessions > S1 – Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality

S.1 – Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality

Chair – Michaël Roth, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, School of Landscape Architecture Enrivonmental and Urban Planning

Abstract: In response to climate change, limited fossil fuels, and rising energy demand and prices, renewable energy is heavily promoted throughout Europe. While objectives to boost renewable energy and trans-European energy networks are ambitious, it is increasingly understood that public acceptance becomes a constraining factor, and general support for green energy does not always translate into local support for specific projects. Perceived landscape change and loss of landscape quality have featured heavily in opposition campaigns in many European countries, even though renewable energy can facilitate sustainable development, especially in disadvantaged regions rich in wind, water, biomass, geothermal or solar energy.

This session investigates the links and relations between renewable energy production and landscape quality, and the role of public participation for the social acceptance of renewable energy production in the landscape. The session aims at developing a better understanding of how landscape protection and management, including heritage preservation, and renewable energy deployment can be reunited to contribute socio-environmentally to the sustainable transformation of energy systems.

To our session, we invite papers from various disciplines that present theoretical, empirical or applied approaches to dealing with conflicts and synergies between renewable energy production and landscape quality. Perspectives we would particularly welcome include:

  • Synergies between landscape protection and renewable energy production
  • Management of landscape quality under the influence of renewable energies
  • Cultural heritage preservation in landscapes affected by renewable energy production
  • Social acceptance of renewable energy production systems in the landscape
  • Impacts and mitigation of scenic landscape quality impacts caused by renewable energy production and transportation
  • Design of renewable energy landscapes 



Tuesday, Clermont-Ferrand, 14:00-16:00 - S1 (1)

Chair : Marina Frolova

  • Centeri Csaba: “Impacts of renewable energy on landscape quality: a pan-European comparative perspective”
  • Benediktsson Karl: “Assembling the energy landscape: imaginaries of technology and nature”
  • Laviscio Raffaella: “What landscape knowledge for a compatible renewable energy design?”
  • Frolova Marina: “Adaptation to sustainable energy transition in Europe and its impact on landscape quality: comparative study (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain)”
  • Miller David: “Transformations and adaptations of landscapes through to 2030”

 Tuesday, Clermont-Ferrand, 16:30-18:30 - S1 (2)

Chair : Sina Roehner

  • Picchi Paolo: “Co-designing sustainable energy transition at community scale: self-sufficiency as a challenge for landscape quality in central and southern Italy.”
  • Pistoni Roberta: “Renewable energy and sustainable planning and design. From technological choices to landscape project”
  • Tummers Lidewij: “Eco-villages: integrating or colonizing the landscape?”
  • Prados Maria-Jose: “Planning and Engagement Arenas for Renewable Energy Landscapes”
  • Rizzo Agatino: “Eco-District Porson: the case of an urban-integrated energy system in Sweden”

 Thursday, Mende, 10:30-12:30 - S1 (3) R

Chair : Michaël Roth, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, School of Landscape Architecture Enrivonmental and Urban Planning

  • Toth Attila: “Small Hydroelectric Power Plants vs. Landscape Quality in Slovakia”
  • Waage Edda R.h.: “Living on the banks of river Þjórsá”
  • Lanz  Oca Enrique: “The Second Wave of Dam Removals and Climate Change: Oroville to Guajataca”
  • Stevovic Svetlana: “Artificial intelligence application as a solution for landscape management conflict related to large dams”
  • Karan, Isidora: “Urban regeneration and possibilities of energy landscapes in Bosnia and Herzogovina”

Thursday, Mende, 14:00-16:00 - S1 (4)

Chair : Michaël Roth, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, School of Landscape Architecture Enrivonmental and Urban Planning

  • Richard Hewitt: “Who owns the wind and the mountains? A critical reflection on large scale renewable energy deployment in Europe.”
  • Rønningen Katrina: “Wind energy for whom in Fosen ? between climate change, Sámi cultural heritage, landscape conservation and local economic development”
  • Bostenaru Dan Maria: “Historical renewable energy landscapes”
  • Boyle Ken: “A holistic examination of the development of wind energy infrastructure in a high nature value landscape in Ireland”
  • Frantal Bohumil: “Landscape disruption or just money not enough? Factors affecting negative perceptions of wind turbines (a survey from the Czech Republic)”

Thursday, Mende, 16:30-18:30 S1 (5)

Chair : Sina Roehner

  • Bevk Tadej: “Narratives of renewable energy landscapes: the case of solar power plants”
  • Robert Amélie: “Poplar plantations: a source of renewable energy but offering controversial landscapes”
  • Martinat Standa: “Biogas energy in Croatia and the Czech Republic: some notes on the rural energy transition in East-Central Europe”
  • Martina Slamova: “Renewable energy installations in Slovakia improving and degrading landscape quality.”
  • Antonijevic Dragi: ” Bioenergy Crops Production in Small Scale Agricultural Households ? Energy, Economic and Environmental Assessment”
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