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These sessions have only invited speakers (not any call for session) but they are open to public participation, especially for round tables and debates. In certain sessions, a special issue will ask for external contributors.

• Landscape under Transition

Chairs: Marianne Cohen (Paris-Sorbonne University) and Marie Guibert (French Ministry of environment)

The topic of the session will aim to answer the following questions:

  • How can landscape act as a contributor to the overall transition of territories (especially the democratic transition issue)?
  • From this perspective, how can landscape and democracy contribute to quality of life?

First of all, the topics under study will be discussed in a round table. In a classical session, six projects will then be presented with various stakeholders, scales and regions. At the end of the session all the participants will be asked to react to the presentations. Finally, a summary will be drawn up and the future key leads for the development of this program will be clarified.

The outcome of this session will be a common paper intended to help the Ministry in the development of an ecological and solidarity transition which will contribute to the establishment of a policy for rural territories and enrich the final publication of the research and action program Landscape, Territories, Transitions.

This session will be extended during the fieldtrip Landscape, a tool for learning.

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