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• Landscape Justice and the Quality of Life

Chairs: Kenneth Olwig and Laurence Le Du

Sponsored by the Landscape Research Group

Number of speakers: 4 (ca. 20 minutes speaking time)

Journal Publication Planned

Location: Mende

Landscape justice and quality of life are closely related.  It is, for example, legally customary in many countries for people to have access to open land and common lands for the purpose of recreation or for the gathering of foods, such as berries, nuts and mushrooms.   In many Scandinavian countries this right is applied to all uncultivated land, and this is widely regarded as being of considerable importance to people’s quality of life.   In the present day, as much land is being privatized and enclosed, or set-aside for wilderness reserves with restricted access, this right to landscape is threatened.  This leads to an unjust reduction in the quality of life in an area, as understood by the European Landscape Convention.

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