Field Trips > Field trip # 1: Local governance of landscape linked to agro-ecological transitions along Allier River

Coordinator: Claire Planchat, geographer, associate researcher (UMR Territoires), Consultant for local development

Keywords: “wild” riverside, Land use transitions of sand quarries, sightseeing and other uses for tourism, natural park process, Natura 2000, LEADER

Short description: Much like its sister the Loire, whose main confluence it is, River Allier is often considered as "one of the last large wild rivers in Europe". Endowed with a very varied course over 425 km long, River Allier has indeed a very active river dynamics of its bed and a great ecological richness. This excursion will guide the visitors along three types of landscape designed by the river: the project of Ecopole, a naturalization process after quarry activities stopped, with organics and permaculture crops, and new forms of reversible landscape design and urbanism; a transition zone with collapse basin of the Limagne plain, where industrial factories specialized in automotive and aeronautics are developed along the river since the beginning of 20th century; the Gorges of Allier area, where the river flows like a torrent, in the middle of a landscape of rocks, moors and forests, with a stop at the little village called Lavoûte-Chilhac, build above a very specific meander. Lunch and games will happen into a traditional restaurant close to Allier.

Field trip 1

                Ecopole area ©Planchat 2016                                                  Lavoûte Chilhac © C. PLanchat 2009

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