Field Trips > Field trip # 1: Local governance of landscape linked to agro-ecological transitions along the banks of the Allier River

Coordinator: Claire Planchat, geographer, associate researcher (UMR Territoires), Consultant for local development

Keywords: “wild” riverside, Land use transitions of sand quarries, sightseeing and other uses for tourism, natural park process, Natura 2000, LEADER

Short description: Much like its sister the Loire, of which it is the main confluence, the River Allier is often considered as "one of the last large wild rivers in Europe". Endowed with a very varied course over 425 km long, the River Allier has indeed a very active river dynamic as far as its bed is concerned, and a great ecological richness. This excursion will guide the visitors along three types of landscape designed by the river. Firstly, the project of Ecopole, a naturalization process developed after the quarry activities stopped, with organic and permaculture crops, and new forms of reversible landscape design and urbanism. Secondly a transition zone including the collapse basin of the Limagne plain, where industrial factories of  the automotive and aeronautics industries have developed along the river since the beginning of 20th century. Then finally the Gorges of Allier area, where the river flows like a torrent, in the middle of a landscape of rocks, moors and forests. There will be a stop at the little village called Lavoûte-Chilhac, built above a very specific meander. Lunch and games will then take place in a traditional restaurant close to the Allier.

• Flyer of Field Trip 1

Field trip 1

                Ecopole area ©Planchat 2016                                                  Lavoûte Chilhac © C. PLanchat 2009


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