Field Trips > Field trip # 3: Around the Puy Mary Mount : Slow tourism as a lever for local development in the Cantal Mountains

Coordinator: Luc Mazuel, (Geographer, senior lecturer at VetAgro Sup)

Keywords: slow tourism, volcanic landscapes, « grands sites de France », ECOLABEL

Short description: The concept of « Slow economy » concerns many types of activities. It is not so much the idea of going slowly as to find the “right time”, to give back time, above all, to give priority to quality, whatever the area. Faraway of speed reduction, it incorporates the search of meaning, self-realization, harmony with nature in accordance with biorhythms.

Very early, Tourism took control of this notion for defining « a tourism with a slow rhythm, guarantor of self-awareness, with low emission of CO2, Synonymous with patience, peacefulness, deep discoveries, improvement of knowledge and cultural achievements” (Babou et  al., 2009), a definition at which could be added an epicurean dimension.

By a combination of visits of slow tourism projects (lodges of the “Pêcher lake”, Puy Mary “grand site” label) and meetings with stakeholders living in a mountainous valley at the foot of one of the highest summit of the Cantal volcano, ((Fabrique Aventures = association of full nature touristic operators, Alta Terra & Fortuniès = lodging and activities with the European ECOLABEL ), this field trip aims to show how the fact of thinking with a long term perspective, and with the will of find again time, can release the creativity, incentives for resilience, collaboration, encourages self-government and citizen empowerment and generates a new economy of wealth, not centred on the  dogma of growth.

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