Field Trips > Field trip # 6: Trainscape, Travelling into the Massif Central landscapes and discover the associated products at the speed of a mountain train

Coordinator: Eric Perret (researcher at IRSTEA)

Keywords: “trainscape”, railway architecture, typical products,

Short description:

At the end of the 19th century, many railways were built for crossing the Massif Central, with important technical innovations for crossing deep valleys or for passing from the plain to the high plateaus. Although in the beginning these lines were mainly developed for industrial activity (coal and mines or cattle transportation), they have also proved of interest to the tourist industry as such trains offer unbelievable scenic views with unusual view-points, thanks to the low speed at which mountain trains travel. Nowadays, many lines are closed but some have been converted into “green tourism” (“velorail”, green trail). As these landscapes are also linked to typical food production (cheese, wine and other products), this field trip will be an opportunity for you to taste these landscapes with your palate and to chat to some local producers during the actual train ride or when stopping at a station.

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