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• Exploring Landscape Boundaries and Natura 2000

Chairs: Theo van der Sluis (Wageningen Environmental Research/BGP)

Supported by: The Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process (EC)

Location: Mende

Every landscape is confined by boundaries; boundaries between landscape units or administrative boundaries. We will consider these boundaries in this session, in particular the administrative boundaries, and relate that to the issue of Natura 2000 (landscape) management. The spatial relations between Natura 2000 areas across borders can be summarised in three main types of cross-border relations: trans-boundary Natura 2000 areas, Natura 2000 areas on each side of the border, or areas on only one side of the border. In addition, the definition of Natura 2000 areas also creates a boundary between the protected site or landscape and the surrounding landscape.

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The main challenges facing the authorities or organisations responsible for the management of cross-border Natura 2000 areas are to design and implement joint or coherent management techniques, to safeguard the connectivity between the sites and to ensure that the implementation of other plans/projects or the management of areas across borders are coherent with the conservation objectives at site level, and do not jeopardize conservation aims.

In this session several case studies will be discussed in relation to national and regional boundaries. We will focus on the management of Natura 2000 sites, but also on governance across boundaries. The session will be concluded with a Forum discussion on the landscape approach, biogeographical regions and boundaries in landscapes.

The target audience is in particular professionals working in public administration and Natura 2000 management, in LIFE projects, as well as spatial planners.

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